Features of using herbs to get rid of facial wrinkles

Preserving youth and attractiveness of the face is an important goal of any woman. The use of creams and special preparations to eliminate wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity allows you to maintain the attractiveness of the face for a long time, however, many products purchased at the storeProducts contain chemical ingredients that can cause allergic manifestations on the skin.

Therefore, herbs help prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, herbal preparations will have extremely positive effects, are not addictive, and will provide all the necessary elements. essential for the skin.

What herbs are good for the skin?

Among the many plants that nature has bestowed on man, the following herbs are the most suitable for facial rejuvenation:

  • stinging nettle- The rich composition and high mineral content make it possible to call nettle one of the most useful herbs for the youth and beauty of the skin. Decoctions and infusions, extracts and in the form of masks, stinging nettle is well suited for all skin types (including sensitive, dry, oily skin). With regular use of any kind, the general condition of the skin is rapidly improved, skin elasticity is restored, small wrinkles are eliminated and the degree of allergic manifestations, if any, is reduced;
  • Vera- a homegrown with pulp can quickly eliminate irritation, help restore the upper layer of the epidermis, and stimulate the regeneration process. When a fresh aloe leaf is applied to the skin, it is saturated with vitamins necessary to improve its color, the healing of small cracks in the skin is stimulated, and its elasticity increases. ;
  • dandelion leaveshas long been used to stimulate the protective forces of the epidermis. The ingredients of the plant provide complete nutrition to the skin, helping you to quickly eliminate the signs of fatigue and reduce irritation. The mask supplemented with chopped fresh or dried dandelion leaves makes the skin smoother, eliminates excess melanin formation, which changes skin color and causes the appearance of more age spots;
  • Cropsdisinfects the surface of the skin, promotes the healing of small cracks and wounds, promotes regeneration. With it, you can improve the skin, provide good nutrition to the skin;
  • pharmaceutical chamomile- one of the plants that quickly copes with flaking of the skin, excessive dryness of the skin and allergic manifestations. Applying a mask or decoction of chamomile on the damaged areas of the skin can eliminate inflammation, stop infectious processes and soothe after sunburn or heat;
  • Sagecopes with increased flaking of the skin, eliminates inflammation, stimulates cell regeneration;
  • muskdisinfects small wounds and cracks, helps to faster restore the integrity of the skin;
  • mint and melissasoothes the skin, very suitable for especially sensitive and delicate skin prone to allergic reactions and flaking;
  • usingparsleyyou can quickly remove freckles and age spots, remove small wrinkles, whiten skin;
  • rosemarymakes the skin more resistant to negative external influences by stimulating its protective functions, making the skin firmer, stronger shine;
  • RowanDeals with overactive sebum production, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, brightens the skin. When adding the pulp of the berry to the mask, small wrinkles can be eliminated and small cracks can be rapidly stimulated due to the pronounced wound-healing properties of its juice.

Herbs like coltsfoot, which eliminates inflammation and evens skin tone, horsetail, which boosts the regeneration of damaged cells, and lavender, which soothes even severe irritations, alsoproved to be great.

Regular use of these plants will help maintain skin health, restore its normal natural functions, stabilize the formation of sebum, thus preventing the formation of acne and wrinkles. .

Masks based on herbs beneficial for facial rejuvenation

Herbal remedies for wrinkles

In order to influence the skin to rejuvenate and eliminate the obvious negative manifestations of age-related changes, you should choose plants that do not have side effects. For example, mountain ash is a great stimulant for flabby, loss of elasticity skin, but should not be used on very dry skin: the sap has a pronounced drying effect on the skin.

Skin type and the possibility of allergic manifestations in very sensitive skin should be considered when choosing a plant for skin rejuvenation.

For washing

Herbs in the form of infusions and decoctions are great for washing the face and neck. By cleansing the upper layer of the dermis, they stimulate cell renewal, remove signs of inflammation and gently remove dead cells, leaving the skin rested and rejuvenated. The following plants have such properties:

  • Chrysanthemum;
  • dandelion;
  • mint;
  • Melissa;
  • celandine;
  • St. John's wort;
  • musk.

The medicinal herbs listed can be used for washing both fresh and dried: when dried (subject to drying regulations) there is no loss of medicinal properties. The plant can be used to make decoctions and infusions singly or in combination, enhancing the qualities of each ingredient.

The method of preparing the infusion for washing is very simple and can be done independently at home. Pour a spoonful of raw materials of any form and composition with a cup of warm boiled water and place in a water bath. Within 15 minutes, the product is prepared, then it is infused for another half an hour. After filtration, an extract of the preparation for washing is obtained, which can be diluted with water in arbitrary proportions.

You can wash the resulting infusion several times a day, allowing the product to dry on its own. This will increase the value of the method, improve the condition of the skin, stimulate rejuvenation and remove wrinkles. After drying, the skin is treated with a cream for the appropriate skin type.

From wrinkles under the eyes

The elimination of small wrinkles around the eyes can be achieved with regular use of products of natural plant origin. Chamomile, thyme, and birch buds perfectly stimulate the skin, providing good nutrition to the skin. To enhance the effects of these botanicals, it is recommended to add them in crushed form (best results are shown by using fresh plants and herbs) in the mask.

The basis of the mask can be an ingredient with a sufficient fat content, since the skin around the eyes is extremely dry, fragile and requires the most skillful handling. For example, in whipped cream with whipped protein, gruel is added from a mixture of chopped fresh birch buds and chamomile flowers. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin around the eyes and let it work for 5-10 minutes. After that, the mask is washed off, the skin is treated with a fatty cream.

The use of masks based on fatty sour cream with a drop of olive oil also shows good. Dill grass and chrysanthemum and horsetail finely chopped into it, applied to the skin with wrinkles near the eyes. After 10 minutes, the mask is washed off, followed by a cream around the eyes.

The frequency of use of such masks is 2-3 times a week. In this case, the positive results will become noticeable after 2-3 weeks from the start of use.

Herbal stone

Applying ice with herbs will help get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Ice making based on any of the anti-aging herbs gives excellent results to stimulate the skin, improve the complexion and remove dark circles under the eyes. Due to the effect of low temperature, the blood circulation process is enhanced, the toxins accumulated on the skin are removed faster, contributing to the rejuvenation of the skin despite being very tired.

Making ice is not difficult: a decoction or infusion of the selected herb is prepared in advance, left to cool at room temperature. Next, the broth is poured into ice molds and placed in the freezer compartment. Once completely frozen, the mold is removed from the freezer, soaked in hot water, and carefully removed the ice from the mold.

The resulting ice is used mainly after washing the face to stimulate the skin, making it more fresh. You can alternate the plants from which the decoction is prepared for making ice. This enhances the positive effect of the procedure.


The use of decoction is also good to stimulate tired and sluggish skin. For its preparation, the selected ingredients are poured with cold water and boiled in a water bath for 20 minutes. Cold juice is used to wash, wash your face during the day, take ice to cool.

For the decoction, all plants with a pronounced anti-aging effect can be used. In fresh and dried form, they well eliminate the manifestations of age-related changes, stimulate regeneration processes in cells.


The basis of the mask for the removal of wrinkles on the face and neck can be different components:

  • fat cream with whipped protein;
  • high-fat sour cream with a drizzle of olive oil;
  • any vegetable oil with a few drops of fresh lemon juice;
  • ground from fresh plants crushed with a small amount of fatty kefir.

You can change the composition of the mask endlessly, all of them are highly effective, help to stimulate processes in the upper layers of the dermis, eliminate signs of age changes such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. Masks can be made using a decoction of plants, which are added to the base in the form of an extract saturated with a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

After washing off the mask with plenty of cool water, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer to the skin to avoid peeling. Regular use of masks allows you to quickly stimulate the skin, eliminate small wrinkles and prevent premature fading.